“Good vibes this way” is all we needed to hear, this is @vibebyanns . Vibe by Ann’s is a new upscale restaurant to join the Abuja food scene. It is located at No. 26 Atabara Street, Wuse 2. It is scheduled to open in two weeks.ENVIRONMENT
Everywhere you look in this spot is stunning, you can tell that there was a lot of thought and attention to detail. The outdoor area is large clear tent which offers a sky view, greenery, seating options and an open bar. You can rent out this spot for private events. The indoor area is intimate and warm but the real gem is the upstairs area with a 360° rotating bar and the love seat with a view and clear glass floor.FOOD
For starters, we had a platter which featured beef tacos, Chicken tacos, chicken tenders, fish fingers and spicy prawns served with a trio of sauces. Chicken tacos had a soft shell and a creamy filling which we loved. The tenders and fingers had a nicely crisp and well-seasoned coating. They paired quite nicely with the mayo-ketchup sauce and spicy mustard sauce. The spicy prawns packed a lot of heat, flavour and a hint of peanut. This platter was a great way to start our feast.FFor mains, we had Lamb chops with mash, Farfalle Chicken Alfredo and Chicken Quesadillas. The juicy and tender lamb chops was well-seasoned down to the bone which we loved. The mash however needed more cream for that smooth and silky texture. The quesadillas were delicious and had a lot of chicken chunks. We would’ve loved if it was served with a side of guacamole and a chilli sauce. The use of farfalle in the Alfredo was a nice touch and also quite rare in Abuja since most places use Penne. The pasta was al dente and nicely absorbed the creamy Alfredo sauce however the chicken needed a bit more seasoning and texture.EXPERIENCE
We finished off with a sweet dessert of brownies & vanilla ice cream and endless cocktails at their rotating bar which was such a vibe. The waiter kept us well entertained while he danced, juggled bottles, mixed our cocktails and set them on fire as the bar slowly rotated. It was literally lit and also a memorable experience. Nothing quite like it in Abuja.Finally, it is a proper vibe and definitely lives up to it name. We can’t wait to see it when it opens.P.S. What do you think of Vibe? Or have you visited Ann’s on Gana Street?

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