What do you think about dining in a Rainforest? @amazonia_abuja is Abuja’s Rainforest restaurant, we stopped by to take a tour and dine in the restaurant. It is located within the Art Tech District, No. 7, Hombori Street, Wuse 2.

Amazonia is currently accepting limited reservations from 29th July 2021. You can make a reservation via a direct message to their Instagram account.

If you want a closer look at our Dining Experience, check this video on our YouTube Channel.

So what do we think:
Amazonia is one of the most unique places to dine in Abuja and gives you a feeling of dining in the middle of a rainforest. Its ceiling is covered in greenery, its tables have TVs surrounded by moss details and there’s the satisfying patter reminiscent of rain drops from its water walls. Your ears are treated to the sounds of birds and gorillas while you dine. Another room offers a huge potted plant display and display of some colourful birds. Finally, there’s the immersive room which offers a dining experience like no other. It has a nearly 360° display.

The food is inspired by South American and Asian flavours. We got to try a range of soups, starters, mains and a dessert. We had a delicious chicken wonton soup and a ham & peas soup. The wontons had a rich garlic and ginger flavour which went with light creamy coconut soup. The pea soup was infused with chilli oil which gave it a nice kick. It featured crisp bread and turkey ham.

We tried two open sandwiches: Chorizo and Bone Marrow. The spicy flavour of the chorizo paired nicely with the ricotta spread topped with a warm runny egg. It was drizzled with mustard tableside. The bone marrow was quite the surprise and actually melted in our mouths. It had the softest bread, tasty bone marrow topped with sweet carmelised onions and a salsa.

The empanadas had a nicely crisp shell and featured spicy chicken and beef served on creamy guacamole and their rich tomato salsa.

For mains, we had Paella, Lamb Leg Roast and Short Ribs. The Paella was very fragrant and flavourful. Loved the calamari and sausage in it. The lamb was extremely tender and quite tasty but the Short Ribs was the star dish. It was infused with the rich flavours of coffee and was delightfully juicy. We paired our mains with mash, sesame fried rice and Thai Dragon fried rice. The Dragon rice is not for the faint hearted and there’s a range of spice levels to opt for. As spice lovers, we took on level 5 and conquered it.

We really loved our first ever rainforest dining experience at Amazonia. The food was great and the drinks were delicious. The star drink was the Snappy Red which is a zobo cocktail infused with vodka and rum. It was presented quite beautifully. We’re excited to see when this spot would be officially open and we would definitely like to see some Brazilian dishes particularly Churrascco on their menu.

Staying true to its theme, this spot offers complimentary fruits from their open fruit station served as a salad or smoothie.

Chicken Wonton Soup ₦5500
Ham & Peas soup ₦500
Empanadas ₦7500
Chorizo ₦7000
Bone Marrow ₦6500
Lamb Roast ₦13,000
Paella ₦12,000
Short Rib ₦9000
Passionfruit Dessert ₦7500
Thai Dragon Rice ₦3500
Sesame Rice ₦3500
Mashed Potatoes ₦3500
Snappy Red ₦4700

P.S. Have you made a reservation yet?

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