We’re back at The Six and this time they’ve moved to a bigger and better location. The new location No 23 M.L. Wushishi Street, Utako, Abuja. We took a tour of their new location and definitely got to experience their private dining again.

So what do we think:
There’s now 4 pods at the Six which are connected by a green and wheelchair accessible courtyard. There’s the reception pod and three dining pods.

The classic pod can host 6 guests (or less) and is home to the live cooking station & Teppanyaki Grill.

The smart pod (our favorite) can host 6 guests and is home to interactive ambient lighting, a sky full of stars (the ceiling lights up), a huge TV and a tablet that can control the pod.

The last and largest pod can host 18 guests and will feature a wall of wines from around the world. Each pod is slightly different but still tastefully decorated. They all feature pieces of art, a wine display and distinct light features. Ambience here is A1.

We had Beef Ribs, Chicken Kebabs with Peri Peri Rice, Asian Fried Rice, Creamy Chicken Pasta and Peppered Chicken with fries. There is really nothing quite like the ribs at The Six, it is absolutely perfection. It was a sticky, sweet, juicy, tender, tasty and nicely glazed rack of ribs that fell off the bone with ease. Definitely a star dish and it was paired with sweet fried plantain.

The chicken pasta needs no introduction because of its phenomenal cheese pull and flavours. It was a creamy, cheesy and well-seasoned dish which featured bacon and chicken chunks.

The fried rice was well-seasoned and featured eggs and crisp veggies. The Peri Peri Rice has a strong smoky flavour which liked however it needed a bit more seasoning. The kebabs featured layers of spicy chicken and roast veggies on a skewers. The peppered chicken was very spicy and packed a bit of heat.

We really enjoyed the food however we recommend pairing the ribs and other dishes with sauces like chilli and other condiments.
For dessert, we had a sweet banana bread topped with vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of chocolate and strawberry sauce. It was definitely a sweet and decadent way to end our meal at the Six. We paired all the food with a refreshing Chapman however alcohol and other cocktails are available on request.

There’s nothing quite as intimate as private dining and The Six delivers this experience flawlessly. The food is delicious and affordable, the ambience is intimate and warm, and finally, the service is great.

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