French week begins on 12th and ends 15th July 2021 and it’s a celebration of some of the finest French wines and cuisine at Zuma Grill. We were invited for a tasting of their menu in honour of their upcoming French week.

We started things off with the bread course served with olive infused oil and a delicious blue cheese spread. For soup, we had Bouillabaisse with Rouille and Creme de champignons. The bouillabaisse was a hearty and flavourful soup perfect for lovers of seafood while the Creme de champignons (mushroom soup) was smooth, creamy, nicely seasoned and delicious. It featured hints of garlic and pesto croutons.


or starter, we had Mille-feuille des legumes Provençale and Salad Nicoise with Tuna tartare. The Mille-feuille was a completely vegetarian dish that was also also lovely surprise. It was tasty and had so many layers of flavour which was delightful. The tartare featured raw Tuna and is definitely a dish for a more advanced palate.

For mains, we had Grill fish, Provençale Rib Eye, Lamb cutlets and Butternut Risotto. This course was absolute perfection. The fish was flawless and topped with sweet carmelised onions which enhanced its flavour. The Rib Eye was a perfect medium and a juicy cut of meat. The real star was the lamb cutlets. It packed so much flavour that it even hit the bone quite nicely. It was spicy, tasty and tender. Definitely our favorite lamb dish that we’ve tried so far on our food tour. The Risotto was silky and very creamy which had flavours of leeks, spinach and butternut.

For dessert, Profiteroles chocolat and Dark Chocolate tart with pear. The Profiteroles was a decadent puff pastry filled with sweet vanilla cream and topped with a drizzle of chocolate. The tart had a rich dark chocolate filling which paired quite nicely with the sweet pear.

For drinks, we had white wine with our soup and starters, then red wine with a mains and dessert. The dessert wine was truly memorable.

We might be a bit bias but there’s nothing quite like French Gastronomy. From the wine pairings to the delicate flavours of the dishes, we were taken on trip through the Provençale region of France via our taste buds. It was an amazing evening of fine dining, delicious food, impeccable service and a celebration of French cuisine.


It’s from 12th July to 16th July 2021 and dining starts at 7pm at Zuma Grill. It’s best to make a reservation before you go. The menu is curated with French dishes and features four courses with 2-3 options for each course. There’s complimentary bread and amuse-bouche.

In terms of pricing, for 4 courses would roughly be about ₦30,000 per head and this depends on your order but you can opt for one or two courses instead to save cost. For example, the dessert options are both ₦5500.

Mille-feuille des legumes Provençale ₦6000
Revisited Salad Nicoise with fresh Tuna tartare ₦6800

Bouillabaisse with Rouille ₦8500
Creme de champignons ₦6200

Grill fish of the day ₦12000
Provençale Rib Eye ₦19000
Lamb cutlets ₦13000
Butternut Risotto ₦8500

Profiteroles chocolat ₦5500
Dark Chocolate tart with pear ₦5500

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