We’ve been seeing photos of the Tar Tar girl so we definitely had to stop by to visit her. @tartar_abuja is a new spot and they’re still in their soft opening phase so we stopped by with some food bloggers to try it out.

So what do we think:
We had the Tar Tar Special Platter and Grilled Goat with Yam and Oriental Rice. The Platter featured 2 prawns, 2 corn, 2 spring rolls, chicken, goat, plantain, potato wedges and was served in a two tier wooden stand which we liked.

In terms of flavour, this platter delivered. We really liked the spiciness and hints of garlic in the chicken and goat in the platter. However, the prawn and corn needed a bit more seasoning. We also expected char/grill marks on each grilled protein. Considering the price point of this platter, the portion is quite small. There needs to be more of each item, protein or side. Also it needs to be served with some sauces or condiments like chilli and ketchup.

The grilled goat was quite bony and in comparison with the goat in platter, it featured more garlic and ginger which overpowered the flavour of the goat in this dish. The Oriental Rice was very tasty and probably one of our favorite things that we tried at this spot. It was a delicious basmati fried rice which featured crisp veggies.

For drinks, we had Chapman, Strawberry Daiquiri, Lemonade and a Blueberry Mojito. The Chapman & Daiquiri were delicious and sweet however we would’ve have added a bit more booze to the Mojito. The Platter was NGN15,250, the goat was NGN3500, yam was NGN1000 and the Oriental Rice was NGN1500. The Drinks we had range from NGN2000 to 3500.

Tar Tar is a pretty chill spot that’s good for drinks and grills after work or during the weekends. The outdoor spot is such a vibe especially in the early evening or night time. It’s still their soft opening, however there needs to be major improvement in terms of service and portion size. Our food took about 1 hour 30 minutes to arrive. Also we would like to see new dishes on their menu because right now, they offer mainly grilled food. Finally, this spot needs an identity, something to define it whether in terms of food or drinks.

Have you visited Tar Tar?

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