We’re back at the cave @kapadoccia_abuja and their menu has been completely revamped and now features Turkish, North African and Middle Eastern dishes which definitely piqued our interest in dining at the cave. This time we dined in the newly opened upstairs area and of course, we picked the best seat with a view of Wuse 2.

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So what do we think:
We were welcomed with Turkish tea served with complimentary bread. The tea was nicely warm and the bread had a tart but refreshing flavour.

Our first starter was Lahmacun which is a freshly made naan bread topped with flavourful mince, veggies and greek yoghurt. It was a delightful way to start our feast. We also liked how when paired with greek yoghurt it gave the dish a sweet and creamy flavour.

Our second starter was Spiked Tuna Lumpias which stood out mainly because of how it was served. It was served in an upcycled Glenfiddich bottle which was both functional and unique. We also learnt that a lot of their plates are sourced locally and recycled. The rolls were nicely crisp and its filling was very creamy. We would’ve liked if these rolls were served with some dips or sauces.

For main course, we had the Lamb Tagine with Pilaf rice. This tagine was very rich and hearty, the lamb was tender and fell off the bone with ease, carrots gave the lamb stew some crunch and texture while the potatoes absorbed the rich flavour the stew. The rice had a nutty, earthy and aromatic flavour from all the spices it was infused with. The tagine was delicious and heartwarming.

For dessert, we had deconstructed white chocolate panna cotta with biscuit crumbs and strawberry puree. It was a sweet and decadent way to end our feast.

Dining here was an impressive experience and we particularly loved how the influence of Turkish flavours shone through each dish that we tried. They definitely paid homage to the beautiful region this restaurant is inspired by.

The service was impeccable and we even had a chat with Chef who curated these dishes, he spoke really well and you could feel his passion for impeccable cuisine and plating.

P.S. Have you visited Kapadoccia? No reservations are needed and it’s open from 11am.

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