We joined in on the 5th edition of the Sherlock’s Food Explorer Series and we were treated to an amazing private dining experience at The Six by Lovitoz hosted by the Sherlock himself.

So what do we think:
As it’s name implies, the SIX can only host not more than six guests at a time. We quite like how mysterious this place is, it is somewhere in Jabi but you won’t be able to find the exact location without making a reservation. The space itself is clean, warm, intimate and also customizable. You can opt for your choice seating arrangement, a curated menu, your choice of how dim or bright the lighting would be and even how visible the waiters could be. It is great for intimate dates, proposals and private events.

For starters, we had crispy spring rolls, samosas, bbq wings and teriyaki drumsticks. We liked the spiciness of the drums and sweetness of the wings. The sauce this course was paired was also spot on.

For mains, we had Roast Chicken, Steak & Mash, Pork Ribs, Nigerian Fried Rice, Meat Balls sauce, Asian fried rice and Roast Croaker fish. Honestly nothing quite like their pork ribs. It was absolutely juicy, tender and packed a burst of flavour. Definitely our favorite dish from the experience.

The roast chicken had a crisp tasty skin and its meat was mildly seasoned. The meat balls were nicely seasoned and served in a thick and hearty tomato sauce. We liked how crisp and fresh the veggies were in the Nigerian fried rice. The steak was quite dry and also tough probably because it had been overcooked however the mash it was paired with was smooth and creamy.

For dessert, we had a brownie topped with vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate syrup and fresh fruit. Only complaint was the ice cream was too flaky and needed to be of a better quality to suit the sweet brownie.

We had an amazing private dining experience which was a proper feast. The food was good, the vibe was great and we loved how intimate\personal the dining experience was. The waiters were also flawless and it was nice to learn about the inspiration for the restaurant from its owner.

P.S. What are your thoughts on Private Dining?

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