Throwback to our last Food Tasting for 2020 which was at the gorgeous Taj Bistro. is a restaurant in Wuse 2 which offers a range of Nigerian and Intercontinental cuisine. We were invited awhile back for their private food tasting.

So what do we think:
It is a gorgeous and intimate space with a bold stairway entrance and feature wall, an open kitchen, open bar, private dining room, private shisha lounge, live cooking stations and a main dining room. Most parts of the restaurant offer a view of Wuse 2 but the view from the shisha lounge is easily our favourite. The restaurant features wooden details, golden cutlery, cool tones, marble and the fun catchphrase “Taj made me do it”. It is great for groups, private events, dates and chill nights out.

For starters, we tried the Taj platter which featured puff puff, peppered snail, bbq wings, calamari, bruschetta and scotch egg. Loved that the puff puff was coated with cinnamon sugar which was a nice touch. The wings were sweet and sticky while the snail was spicy and a bit chewy.

We also tried tried some of their brunch\breakfast options. The French Toast had a nice balance of sweetness from the whipped cream and tart from the strawberry sauce it was drizzled with. The Full English Breakfast was a hearty platter and we particularly liked the bacon, mushroom and bits of steak.

For mains, the Chicken wraps were very spicy and packed a lot of heat which we liked. The Taj sliders had tasty patties eventhough it was slightly salty. Lastly, we had steak with a garlic cream based sauce, mash and veggies.

Our favourite part of this tasting was that steak was cooked at the live cooking station beside our table and it was definitely entertaining to watch. We like when restaurants create food experiences that are memorable. We finished things off with a delicious and sweet mini strawberry cheesecake which was decadent. The one dish that we didn’t like was the seafood boil. Its presentation and flavours would definitely need some improvement. For drinks, we had Chapman, an Irish Mudslide and a delightfully boozy Long Island.

P.S. Have you visited Taj Bistro?

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