Kapadoccia is one of the latest restaurants to join the Abuja food scene and it is best known as known as The Cave Restaurant because of its fantastic ambience.

Entrance to the restaurant

It does feel like dining in a cave somewhere in Turkey. We stopped by for some dinner with food bloggers and of course to give a detailed food review.

P.S. This is Part 1. Check here for Part 2.

The interior
Wine display
The Green Long Island

So what do we think:
We tried the Braised beef lasagna, Giwan Ruwa and Onion Sauce, Alfredo Penne with Torzo, Chicken Ramen, Chicken Breast, Smoked Jollof Rice, Yakitori Chicken, Sumo fries and Chocolate Fondant. The lasagna was a very disappointing dish. The pasta sheets were undercooked, the braised beef was dry, there wasn’t any pasta sauce in it and the bechamel sauce overpowered the entire dish. We recommend switching the braised beef with mince and the inclusion of a thick and hearty tomato based sauce to the dish as expected from any lasagna.

The penne was delightfully creamy and cheesy. It was topped with a spicy torzo sauce which was a bit salty but delicious. The chicken ramen was presently nicely with its broth poured tableside. The broth was spicy and flavourful. We wish the ramen was served with chopsticks.

The chicken breast was mildly seasoned and the carrot puree it was served with was underseasoned. However the demi glaze when paired with chicken elevated its flavour. The smokey jollof rice was overcooked and did not have any kick nor smokey flavour that you would expect from such a dish. Sumo fries were nicely coated with spices.

he Chocolate Fondant was topped with a sweet, smooth and silky kunugyada gelato which was nice to see in particular because kunu is a popular Nigerian drink. We expected a gooey center in the fondant but it was just topped with the chocolate sauce. It was a lava cake without any lava.

We like the concept of this restaurant which was beautifully executed however the food would definitely need improvement in terms of taste and portion size considering the high price point. It would also be nice to see Turkish dishes hence its name. Finally, we definitely expected better but hopefully it will improve since it is their second week since their soft opening.

Lasagna was N5500, Fish was N7500, Chicken Breast was N8500, Chocolate Fondant was N4600, Smokey Jollof was N1500, Ramen was N6000 , Yakitori Chicken was N4200 and Alfredo Penne was N6500.

P.S. Have you visited Kapadoccia? There’s Part 2, click here to see.

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