For Nigerian Independence day, we celebrated at the @abujaplantainfestival . At the physical location, there were different vendors offering a range of food and drink. We got try some bole (roasted plantain), grilled fish and turkey from @bolesticaThe turkey was very flavourful and nicely seasoned however the fish was quite dry, we would’ve loved a pepper sauce coating the fish. We also liked the grill marks on their roasted plantain.Another vendor was @eonfoods which offers a range of plantain flourĀ  that can be used as an alternative to pounded yam or any swallow. They also offer natural spices! @tenderzee offered fish coated in a spicy pepper sauce and roasted plantain while @sipsfries offered roasted plantain, grilled meats, smoothies and drinks.The most creative vendor was definitely at @yougoyo_kitchen they offered plantain toast, plantain cakes, plantain puff puff, chicken and beef skewers. One of the highlights of the festival was definitely the cake. The festival cake was made from plantain and it was interesting to see how moist, sweet and decadent the cake was. It was impressive and made by @yebos_ngAnother takeaway from the festival is incorporating more creativity into our regular Nigerian food such as plantain and also taking inspiration from the dishes that the vendors prepared.Virtually, it was fun to join a panel and discuss about the festival. We spoke about our favorite dishes, competitions and highlights at the festivals. It was also nice to give a sneak peek of the future of the festival. This year’s dishes were very limited because certain vendors were affected by the pandemic.P.S. We’re looking forward to the next one and hopefully some more unique plaintain dishes!

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