@basilandpepper_ is a new restaurant which offers nostalgic Mediterranean cuisine with a fresh twist. We were invited for their Summer Vibes Pre-Launch tasting.

So what do we think:
We got to try 10 courses presented by @chefthabo. For starters, we had Caesar salad, Potato salad, Spring rolls and beef samosas. The dressing on the potato salad was creamy, tangy and flavourful. The chicken in the caesar salad was moist and perfectly seasoned. The spring rolls were tasty and quite crisp but had a slightly tough shell.

For mains, the shrimp rice was delicious and we were particularly impressed with how the shrimp itself was rich in flavour. The asian chicken and beef rice was divine. It was a layer of different flavours that were well balanced and perfectly blended with one another. It was sweet, savoury, spicy and had an earthy flavour which we liked. The veggies in the rice had a nice crunch. It was paired with teriyaki chicken sauce. The Ragu was a rich and hearty dish which needed a bit more seasoning. The beef was extremely tender and had been slowed cooked for about 4 hours. The Tagliatelle needed some salt and cheese.

The smashed burger was a juicy burger which had a fresh bun. The patty was mildly seasoned and had a crisp coating with a perfect medium rare center. The sweet potato it was paired with was crisp and nicely seasoned with sea salt.

For dessert, we had a rich and dark brownie topped with sweet vanilla ice cream. This treat was chocolatey and decadent. For drinks, the Raki Sangria was a rich and well balanced drink of wine and fruit.

The tasting was a lovely lunch which we got to interact and dine with some bloggers and creatives. Chef Thabo explained each course and the concept behind each dish. You could tell the amount of dedication and thought that was put into each course we tried.The food was delicious and the vibe was great. The table was nicely laid and featured some greenery, candles and silverware.

We are excited to see more that this place would offer. Basil and Pepper is officially open for deliveries.

P.S. Is there any dish you would like to try?

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