Strobrie @strobrie is a bright and green cafe located at FHIA Gardens. This place is best known for its sweet treats however, since they just started their savoury dishes in February, we decided to try it out.So what do we think:
This place is one of the most unique spaces we’ve been to in Abuja. It features quirky objects, lush greenery all round, book shelves, potted plants, pottery and wooden decor. This place is great if you want to get some work done or if you want to get the creative juices flowing. It is great for groups, work dates and informal dates. There’s also free Wifi here.SERVICE
Service is decent. The drinks took about 15 minutes to arrive while food took about 40 minutes to arrive. The menu here would need some kind of reinforcement.FOOD
We opted for the Beef Ragu, Mayo Chicken Sandwich, Beef Burger and Mini carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. The beef ragu was a hearty dish which had the sweetness from the tomatoes it was made with. The beef itself was tender and pulled apart so easily. Pasta was al dente and absorbed the ragu nicely. However, we would’ve loved to see more cheese on this dish. The mayo sandwich was a pleasant surprise, the chicken had a sweet and spicy taste with hints of fresh citrus. The homemade ciabatta bread was nicely toasted and had a soft center. The sandwich had a nice balance of veggies and chicken. The Beef Burger had a lovely Hokkaido milk bun and a juicy beef patty. However, the patty needed some seasoning otherwise it would have been great. Both the burger and sandwich were served with fries. The mini carrot cake was a treat of wholesome and decadent goodness with a rich carrot flavour, what made it even better was the delicious cream cheese frosting. That frosting is perfection. For drinks, we had lemonade, orange juice and berry ice tea. All of which were refreshing and we liked that they were served in Mason jars.PRICING
The pricing is quite fair. A main, dessert and drink cost about 6000 naira. This really depends on what you order. You can check out their Menu highlight.P.S. Have you been to Strobrie? What was your experience like?

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  1. Amaka says:

    Never been, would definitely like to visit!

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    1. abujafoodtour says:

      Oh wow, Strobrie is a good place for getting work done.

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