Our last review for 2019 went to The Pavilion. The Pavilion @pavilionng is a restaurant located at Asokoro which offers Intercontinental and Nigerian cuisine.

So what do we think:
This place is quite unique because it is located in an Art Gallery @retroafrica . This gives you the option to view art before you dine. Also, the restaurant itself features an interesting mural by @henri_abraham_univers . It is an open plan space which is great for groups and informal dates however parking is a bit of a struggle. The best time to come here is in the early evening as the sun sets.

Mural by @henri_abraham_univers

Service was quite good. The waiter, Segun was very courteous and even recommended a dish which we eventually had and enjoyed. He also asked whether we would like our food and drinks to arrive at the same time. He highlighted that certain dishes had different cook times and must be served first. Our food took about 20 minutes, the Jerk bowl took about 30 minutes to arrive.

The Jerk bowl

We opted for the Jerk bowl, Crispy chicken salad, Ofada rice, West African Jambalaya and Short rib Mac and Cheese. The salad was actually great, the crispy chicken paired nicely with the honey and sriracha dressing which we liked. The Jambalaya is quite similar to jollof rice, it had chunks of shrimps, sausage and chicken. It was a really good dish. The short rib mac and cheese was a bowl of cheesy goodness however we wished that there was more beef. The Jerk Bowl was quite decent, the jerk chicken was tasty and plantains were that nice dodo however the rice was dry and needed some kind of sauce. If you’re getting the bowl, get their chilli sauce on the side. Also, instead of a mango salsa, the bowl came with a pineapple salsa. Finally, the ofada rice was another good dish which we enjoyed. The sauce had assorted meat and it was served in banana leaves.

The drip of the Honey Sriracha dressing on the crispy chicken salad.

Pricing here is quite fair. The food ranges from about 800 to 7800 naira. Jerk bowl was 3800, Mac and Cheese was 4200, Ofada rice was 2800, Salad was 3000 and Jambalaya was 3500 naira. Check their menu on their Instagram.

An array of dishes we tried at the Pavilion

Have you been to the Pavillion? What places would you like us to review in 2020?

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  1. Amaka says:

    I definitely want to visit after seeing the picture of that mac and cheese!

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    1. abujafoodtour says:

      You should!

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