Havillah Ice cream @havilahicecream is an Ice cream shop located at Cappador Mall, Maitama, Abuja. This place is one of only places you can find frozen rolls in Abuja and the best part is that you can watch while your roll is being made. A frozen roll is basically ice cream or yoghurt that has been hand rolled and served in a roll instead of a regular scoop.This kind of ice cream is great for people who like to build their own. The rolls can be as thick or as thin as you want.So what do we think:
We opted for their Oreo based Frozen Roll topped with gummy bears and sprinkles. The ice cream was thick, sweet, creamy and had this rich velvety texture with chunks of oreo which liked.Frozen Rolls here include their ice cream base, a base topping of your choice and an additional topping all for 2000 naira. You can also add as many toppings as you want, each addition cost 200 naira. Havilah has about 10 toppings and two sauces available.Our only complaint is that we would’ve loved to see more toppings particularly fruit toppings like strawberries or mango since both fruits are in season. The service was great, the waiter answered all our questions and even explained the hand rolling process.P.S. Have you been to Havilah? Have you tried Frozen rolls before?

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