After a day of restaurant hopping, Nosta Cafe decided that it would be great idea if we ended our evening with something sweet so they invited us for some dessert. Nosta Cafe is a cafe and sweet treats store located at Chocolate mall which offers cake slices, icecream, desserts and coffee.So what do we think:
We opted for their Banana split, some Ice cream, Strawberry Sundae, Chocolate frappé, Salted caramel frappé and an array of Cheesecake. The portion size of the banana split is huge. It can comfortably feed atleast 4 people. It was a bed of banana slices topped with strawberry ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, strawberry sauce and fresh strawberries. This dessert was wholesome, filling and delightfully sweet. We loved that it was served in a banana dish. The strawberry sundae tasted as good as it looked. This is another dessert that is great for sharing. For cheesecake, we tried the oreo, plain, chocolate and salted caramel. We’re a bit partial to the plain because we feel that cheesecake doesn’t need any additions but the oreo and salted caramel are great choices too. Between the frappés we tried, the Salted Caramel takes the crown. It was sweet but also had that delightful bitterness from the coffee. It was a balanced drink. We didn’t like the Chocolate frappé, it felt more like a chocolate milk rather than a frappé. For ice cream, what we like about this place is that it offers unique flavours that you don’t typically find in ice cream shops in Abuja. e.g. birthday cake, caramel butter, spumoni, huckleberry or low fat vanilla. The texture of their ice cream is quite good. It is smooth, sweet and creamy.This place is great if you have a sweet tooth and need a sugar fix.
P.S. Have you been to Nosta Cafe? Where is your go to for sweet treats? How are you cooling off in this heat?

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