Bature Brewery is a bar and brewery that offers the finest homemade craft beer in Nigeria. It is located at Discovery Mall, right behind Johnny Rockets.

What do we think?
Environment here is filled with warm, wooden and earthy tones all round. There are two seating options here, indoor or outdoor. The outdoor option is usually if you want to catch a a smoke while you enjoy your beer while the indoor option is a bit more cozy.
What we love about this place is that it gives of the vibe of an Irish Pub with its high stools and tables, folk music, jazz music and classic rock playing smoothly in the background.
You should also look out for the large Chalkboard which serves as an awesome Menu.

Upon arrival, we were welcomed and ushered in by a waitress. We opted to sit by the bar to relive our pub-crawling dreams.
For a first timer, you get to experience a standard beer tasting which basically is an option to tryout all the kinds of beer available before you place your order. It was highly interesting because with each kind of beer, you get a little information about its alcohol content and the flavours infused in it. After the beer tasting, We had a nice chat with the owner and he took us on a tour of the in-house brewery. We learnt all about the beer brewing process and we got to meet some of their equipment which are interestingly named after certain Nigerian Women e.g. Chioma, Kemi, Hope, Charity and Eunice.
We were also treated to some delicious frosted cupcakes.
What we loved here was how friendly the staff were and the opportunity to explore the in-house brewery. It is clearly one of the best service we’ve had on this food tour.

FOOD 7/10
Before we delve into food, let’s talk about beer! The brewery offers about 8 different kinds of beer which have names influenced by Nigerian Culture and infused with Nigerian flavours. However, we’re a bit partial to their Fresh and Crisp Founder’s Pale Ale, the Zobo- infused Shakara and the Non- Alcoholic Ginger Rush. We settled for the Ginger Rush with shots of Jameson in it. For food, we had the Beer Marinated BBQ Chicken Sandwich with Red onion and cabbage slaw on the side. That chicken was absolutely divine and tasty, almost convinced us in believing that everything tastes better with beer. The slaw was nice, rich and tangy which we liked. It is noteworthy that the best way to eat the sandwich is with some mustard, ketchup and a bit of slaw in it.

Pricing here is relatively affordable and depends on the size of your glass and your order. Beer ranges from 1000 to 2000 while the sandwiches are 2000. We had 3 Ginger Rush (2 were mixed with Jameson) and 3 Chicken sandwiches which cost about 12,000 naira.

Make sure to sign on the wall because we forgot to do that!

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  1. There are no words to show my appreciation!


    1. abujafoodtour says:

      You’re welcome


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