We visited their branch at Gwarinpa @coldstonecreamery_nigeria and delved into their world of ice cream and cakes and milkshakes and most things sweet.

What do we think:
FOOD 7/10
Decadent, creamy but extremely sweet. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, it’s perfect for you. If you’re just looking to satisfy a sugar craving, it might be overwhelming.
Here’s what we had: 2 cups of Baileys, White Chocolate and Cake batter and a cup of Chocolate,Coffee and Sweet Cream. We asked that our waffles be crushed into the ice cream.

Nothing fancy here but sometimes you could be lucky to see the server do some tricks with your order.

Cozy and quiet on good day. But at rush hour, it gets rowdy.

Pricing at Coldstone depends on your cup size, your ice cream flavour and your toppings. On average for about two scoops and a plain waffle is 1850. About three scoops with a plain waffle, is about 2250. Their signature ice cream is 2000 and comes without a waffle but there are about three toppings. Not exactly the best option for a foodie on a budget.

Coldstone keeps you coming back with interesting flavours but we swear by their Baileys, it is amazing but you have to be over 18 to order it.

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