The Abuja Food Tour

The Abuja Food Tour is the latest blog to stomp Abuja’s blogging scene!
The Abuja Food Tour is a blog dedicated to exploring delicious, delectable and tasty cuisine all over Abuja and we encourage you to join us on our tour of this beautiful city.
The Abuja Food Tour has amazing content planned for fellow foodies and food critics alike. We’re on a mission to find cheap, exquisite and delicious food all over Abuja so kindly join us for the tour.

We started this blog because like your average foodie in Abuja, we were always looking for cool and extremely cheap places to eat in Abuja. We ended up resorting to several other blogs which recommended places which were rather expensive and the food was not even that tasty so we decided to start our own blog.

Our aim is to bring you not just honest reviews but also cheap and awesome deals from food joints all over, we will visit all kinds of joints in Abuja then give recommendations of places you should definitely visit.
Our catchphrase is “…exploring Abuja one bite at a time” and we will definitely live up to our mantra.

Make sure to follow us and feel free to recommend any place you’d like us to try!

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